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Popular Horse Breeds

No person in the world can avoid the charm of horses. They are amazing, beautiful creatures that can make your heart beat faster. There are more than 350 horse breeds of horses each one unique. You are most likely to see the following horses in a random country ranch:

  • Quarter horse. This horse breed definitely belongs on the top of our list. Their origin dates back to Colonial America. They are the fastest breed that can run the quarter of mile, hence their name. They are mostly known for their intelligence and it can be used as a performance horse or just as a family horse.
  • These breeds became popular in England ranches at the beginning of the 1800s. Its main advantages are stamina and speed, which are used for events like polo or showjumping. Thoroughbred horses are trained and mostly known as racehorses.
  • They have existed for thousands of years. In the history, Islamic people considered that the Arabian is a gift from Allah. Today, these horses are precious. Horse lovers love Arabians because of the high intelligence and endurance, and are mostly used as racehorse competitions.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse. This popular horse breed is a composition several other popular breeds, including the Narragansett, which is now extinct. They are mostly breaded for the show ring, but what people don`t know is that they were also all-purpose ranch horses.
  • Morgan Horse. This horse is born to be a loyal companion to people. It is the ideal breed for many ranch disciplines, no matter if it is casual riding or competitive sporting. These horses are recommended for beginners.
  • American Paint Horse. This horse has a beautiful coat in several different colors and always with a unique pattern. There are two types of patterns: the Overo and Tobiano. Their good looks attract the attention, and that is why they are mostly used as a show horses.

Tips for Training a Horse

Training a horse is quite a difficult routine. There are some tips basics for training of a horse that you might want to consider before you decide to take this step:

  1. Know your goals. To train a horse is taking the biggest effort. Know your goals before you start accomplishing them. Ask yourself if you want to ride alone your horse or ride with other horses and take the first step.
  2. Choose the right horse. After you know your goals, you should pick up your horse. Trust your feelings in picking it and do not be afraid of your decision.
  3. Start training your horse. Training a horse can be a difficult process, but showing your horse some tricks can provide great fun. Through the horse training process, you will be able to learn more about your horse personality and everything related to ranch horses in general.
  4. Manners teaching. Teach your horse some manners such as how to be safe around other people and to develop its skills. This can be crucial for your horse behavior.
  5. Collaborate with a local trainer. A little bit of help from an experienced trainer would not hurt. Consult with the local trainer to help you in the horse training and avoid painful training pitfalls.

Riding Tours

The most famous top 10 riding tours in the world are available on the following great ranches:


Horse Races

Virtual betting on horse races is very popular nowadays. Not only you can bet on these online casino sites, but you can watch live streaming. There are many popular horse races held that you can bet online and win real money. Many online casino sites offer different types of casino bonuses that you can use and bet for free on virtual horse racing. The most popular horse races events that you can bet on are the following:

  • Kentucky derby
  • Dubai World Cup
  • Prix de L’arc de Triomphe
  • Breeders’ cup classic
  • Sheema classic
  • Pegasus world cup
  • Melbourne cup
  • The Everest
  • Japan cup
  • Epsom derby

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