• CyberHorse Articles
    This site has a link called Articles which change and are updated perodically, mostly about equestrian health. These are short articles but some are quite usful. This site also has information on equestrian tourism, news, rankings and lots more. One article was on creep feeding which explains how important this is. This article supplies the breakdown of protein/calcium/phosphorus %.
  • Howell Book House From the Title Page you will get a menu and in that menu you will find listed- Featured new Titles, Search For Books, Index of Available Titles and Women and Horse Website. They also carry books on a variety of other amimals including birds and reptiles. I had a look at the Women and Horses and it has a list of upcoming books and and new authors (female),
  • Knight Equestrian Books
    This site is unlimited in the amount of book titles that are available, they have a very well laid out page here with every topic that I can think of and more. They even have a section on alternate therapies – so have fun browsing as I did.
  • Equine Research Centre Bookstore
    You will find a link called Exclusive Publications- and you will find a variety of health and fitness related book titles.