Horse Breeds

The horse is, without a doubt, one of the noblest and most beautiful animals that exist. With its majestic bearing and its elegant walks captivates us and evokes a world of nature, freedom, and dreams. As lovers of horses and animals, we have compiled a special selection of the different breeds of horses that exist in which we have included some of their history, some relevant data about these and their special characteristics.

Andalusian Horses

Andalusian horses are a breed native to Andalusia that is also known as Spanish thoroughbred horses and is one of the oldest that exists in the world. These horses are easy to assemble and are often used as riding horses, and also in different competitions such as the classic dressage, the decay dressage, and even the rejoined. They usually have a really elegant bearing, and although in antiquity, only colors such as black or chestnut are allowed today can have many colors, although the one that is most repeated is the torso.

Arab Horses

Arab horses are especially known for their strong character, high intelligence, and special endurance, being one of the most beloved and valued breeds around the world. Also, it is one of the oldest breeds, and having grown up in the desert is resistant to a large number of inclement conditions, but also suitable to be educated, having lived for many years with people. You have to be careful since they are really smart, and just as they will be educated fast can learn bad behaviors simply.

Frisian Horses

If there is an exclusive breed of horses originating in Holland, these are the famous horses of beautiful fur and intense shades of black. Learn more about the exotic Frisian horse breed that will surely not leave you indifferent. These horses, from the Frisian region of the Netherlands, from which they take their name, are also present in Belgium and are truly beautiful. It is a type of horse that is usually used in classic dressage competitions since, in addition to being very agile and learning with ease, they are spectacular to the eye with their transport and their movements.

Percheron Horses

The Percheron horses are native to the region of Le Perche, very close to French Provence, and are usually used mainly for shooting, given their special characteristics and their large size. It is a horse that comes from the Arabian horse but that, in turn, although it has a large size, is really docile, hardworking, and learns easily, so it is a much-loved horse for agriculture, shooting, transport and even for breeding.

Pinto Horses

Learn more about the famous Pinto horses whose origin is attributed to the Red Fur Indians. Specifically when they decided to breed a new breed from the mixture of different wild breeds with Spanish horses. Later, in the twentieth century, these horses began to cross themselves by expert breeders doing so in the end with the well-known English thoroughbreds and temperamental Arabian horses. This breed is characterized mainly because they have a very striking coat that usually has spots of different colors that attract quite the attention.

English Thoroughbred Horses

The English thoroughbred is a breed of horses whose origins date back to the eighteenth century and are located in England. It is considered that it was at that time that it was when it crossed to different English mares with different and spectacular Arab stallions to achieve horses that were very fast and could be used to ride and run races. In addition to being very fast, it is a very athletic breed of horses, and that is why today, they are also used for other types of exercises such as horse riding.

Mustang Horses

Mustang horses are the well-known wild horses of North America. This breed originated from the horses that escaped and lost after the Spanish conquest since the great plains existing in the United States and the lack of predators led to its expansion. They are really appreciated horses, very strong and muscular, and that can run great distances, so they are also very resistant. Also, it is currently a protected species since it is the last breed of wild horses left in America.

Appaloosa Horses

And if there are an ancient species, so ancient that it is even believed that it is this species of horses that appear painted in some of the ancient cave paintings found, this Appaloosa horse breed. It is estimated that it is a breed that is more than 20000 years old. They are really strong horses that have striking specks or spots on their skin that are characteristic. It is a protected species currently since it was about to disappear.